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"WEB ticket" is an online ticket sales service for Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. For details on each tickets, please check the website below. Besides, a credit card is required to buy WEB ticket.Please check the Terms of Service for WEB ticket.


The payment method is a single payment by credit card.
Credit Card (the following credit cards are accepted)

Debit cards, prepaid type, chargeable credit cards, etc. can not be used.

The amount is charged the month after the month of reservation according to the membership agreement of your card company (billing cycle depends on the card company) and deducted from your account on the following or subsequent month. Please check the membership agreement of your card company for details.


  1. Payment method is by single payment only. (Revolving payments cannot be used.)
  2. The billing date on your credit card billing statement is the reservation date or subsequent date.

When using a 3D Secure card

Our credit card payment system is compatible with the 3D Secure (secure authentication service) credit card.

To use this type of credit card, register a password with your credit card company beforehand and enter that password during payment to prevent spoofing by a third-party. If you have registered a password for a 3D Secure credit card, click the "Purchase" button to open the password input window of your credit card company and enter the password.Then return to our reservation complete window to check the content of your application.

* If you are not using a 3D Secure credit card, click the "Purchase" button on the card verification window and check the content of your application on the reservation complete window.

  • Reservation is suspended from 02:00 to 04:00 (in japan time) for maintenance.