November Ticket 20% discount

This ticket is only from Ogizawa. You can not board from Tateyama station.

Validity of the tickets is five days, after exchange with a WEB ticket at ticket office.

Operation period: Tuesday 5th November ~ Saturday 30th November
Reservation acceptable period: 16:00 on Tuesday 1st October ~ 12:00(noon) Friday 29th November

Terms of Service

Tateyama Kurobe Kanko Co.,Ltd. (henceforth "our company") the following terms of service (henceforth "this agreement") regarding the use of the Internet reservation system (henceforth "this service") by an individual (less than 15 persons and not including infants).

Article 1 Scope of this Agreement

This agreement applies to individual (henceforth the "user") who makes boarding reservation using this service. The user is assumed to have acknowledged and expressed agreement to the content of this agreement by checking "I agree to the terms of service" in the window showing this agreement.

Article 2 Outline of this Agreement

This service refers to the act of making or canceling a reservation over the Internet of the Tateyama Cable Car leaving the Tateyama station operated by our company by the method specified by our company. Upon reservation, we will accept orders to purchase tickets for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (round trip from Ogizawa to kurobe dam, round trip from Ogizawa to murodo).
Reservations are acceptable until 11:59 a.m. on the day before.

Article 3 Conditions of Use of this Service

  1. The articles in this terms of service must be adhered to in order to use this service.
  2. The user must acknowledge that the extent of this service is limited and agree not to request service beyond the limit or to discount the charges.

Article 4 Discount

The user cannot use coupons offered by travel agencies, travel vouchers, our complimentary tickets, or various discounts together with this service.

Article 5 Completion of Reservation

The reservation by this service shall be completed when a reservation number is displayed on the browser upon completion of the reservation procedure. Therefore, change or cancellation after completion must be performed promptly according to Article 9. In addition, a cancellation fee will be charged according to Article 10.

Article 6 Use of Credit Card

  1. The user may use a separately defined credit card for the payment of this service for which our company allows the use of.
  2. The credit card referred above is limited to those issued in the name of the owner (if the person making the reservation differs from person using this service, this refers to the person making the reservation and this applies to the remaining articles).
  3. The user is prohibited from using a credit card that he/she is not the owner, entering false credit card information, or performing any action deemed inappropriate by our company. Our company assumes the right to seek compensation for any damages or losses occurring as a result of the user committing such actions.
  4. Our company assumes the right to cancel the reservation and is not responsible for any losses to the user in case the credit card used by the user for payment is rejected by the card company for any reason.
  5. Our company reserves the right to charge an additional update or refund charge to the credit card used for payment in cases where the user changes or cancels a reservation made with the credit card.

Article 7 Nullification of Reservation

Our company reserves the right to nullify the reservation without prior notice in case the user violates the terms of this agreement or commits any prohibited action described in Article 8.

Article 8 Prohibited Actions

The user is prohibited from performing the following acts with regard to the use of this service.
  1. Provide false or improper information for reservation.
  2. Make reservation for a third party without his/her consent.
  3. Perform any act that interferes with the operation of this service or causes damages to our company.
  4. Perform any act that infringes the rights or incurs losses to other users or third party or may have such risks.
  5. Perform any act that disturbs the public order or violates the law or have such risks.
  6. Or, perform any act deemed inappropriate by our company.

Article 9 Change or Cancellation of Reservation

The user is permitted to change or cancel the reservation during the following periods by the corresponding method.
  1. Reservations are acceptable until 11:59 a.m. on the day before.
    It is possible to reserve and cancel in this term.
    You can change only the number of guests until 11:59 a.m. on the day before your boarding date.
    In which case, unnecessary reservations must be canceled.
    Cancellation fees do not apply in this case.
  2. Cancellation from 12:00 p.m. the date before boarding day until boarding time is charged.
    Please confirm the details about cancellation fee from here.
    ※If ticket is not claimed on the date of departure, Clause 10 will be applied.
    You can change only the number of guests and the boarding time at the counter in departure station on the day, but the changing fee will be charged as below.
    ※Day of departure date cannot be changed.
    If ticket is not claimed on the date of departure, Clause 10 will be applied.
    ※If a time change is requested, guests will be moved to the next available time slot that can accommodate their party.
    [Reservation change handling fees] (Only on the day of departure)
    • Adult: 1000 yen per person
    • Child: 500 yen per person

Article 10 Cancellation Charge and Refund

If there is no cancellation procedure by the day before the ride day, we will charge you for the full price even if you do not receive the ticket.
In addition, if a passenger claims a cash refund for a ticket at the counter on the day of departure after the ticket has been handed over, we will assess a fixed refund handling fee.

Article 11 Boarding Procedure and Fare

The user making reservations by this service can receive the ticket on the date of boarding by presenting the "Message from Web Ticket Office" or providing the reservation number and identification at the Web Ticket Office.
The following tickets can be purchased with this service:
  • Ogisawa to Murodo round trip Adult 1 person   7,380 yen
  • Ogisawa to Murodo round trip Child 1 person   3,700 yen
  • Ogisawa to Kuobe Dam round trip Adult 1 person   2,090 yen
  • Ogisawa to Kuobe Dam round trip Child 1 person   1,050 yen

Article 13 Personal Information Protection

The handling of user's personal information that our company (including subcontractor authorized by our company) learned while providing this service will comply with our privacy policy.

Article 14 Termination of this Service

Our company may temporarily terminate this service without prior notice for server maintenance and in case of emergency.

Article 15 Disclaimer

  1. Troubles or damages caused to others by the user through the use of this service shall be resolved among the concerned parties and our company shall not be responsible in any way.
  2. Our company assumes no responsibility in case the user is inconvenienced or incurs damages caused by inability to use this service due to any of the above reasons or to communication problems.
  3. Our company does not guarantee that mail sent from pages in the Web Ticket Reservation site, server, or domain, or contents of reservation service and other information service is free of computer viruses.

Article 16 Contacting the User

Our company reserves the right to contact the user as necessary using the email address, address, or phone number provided by the user for reservation. The method of contact will be decided by our company or the provider of the service.

Article 17 Change to this Terms of Service

  • Our company reserves the right to revise this Terms of Service without prior notice and the revised version will take effect after revision. When the user uses the "Web Ticket Reservation", the user is assumed to have agreed to the revised Terms of Service.
  • Our company reserves the right to change or discontinue the "Web Ticket Reservation" service or any part thereof without prior notice.
  • Our company shall be able to notify the user by appropriate means when it is necessary to contact the user concerning changes to this Terms of Service.

Article 18 Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Items not defined by this Terms of Service shall comply with the rules of our travel agency division.
  2. Concerning the use of this service, issues on items not defined in this Terms of Service shall be resolved in good faith among the concerned parties.


This agreement will be effective starting September 21th, 2018.
This agreement will be revised starting October 1st, 2019.