WEB Ticket Reservation

Validity of the tickets is five days, after exchange with a WEB ticket at ticket office.

The person of travel agency, please do not apply.

Starting reservation tickets from July to November at 13:00 on June 1st (in japan time).

Reservation Status

Updated : 2019/01/18 22:17:57faalse

Reservable: sun. 15th April ~ sun. 4th November, Holiday, Busy Day.

* Customers planning to make a round trip to Kurobeko (Lake) or Daikanbo during the same day should depart by 11:00.

Vacancy (20 seats or more) Vacancy
Few seats remaining 5~1 Remaining seats
- Not set
Please buy the same day ticket or other advance ticket.
Reservations sold out
(Please buy tickets on the date of your ride)